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Best Chatbots, Artificial Intelligence
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Today, people are seeking to make improvements on their productivity and efficiency more than ever before. Because people want things done faster and better, productivity and efficiency tools are there to make their dreams come true. Artificial Intelligence Chatbot and Bots are tools that are in a position to re-shape your life to make it better. Although there are numerous service providers, many won’t provide you with exactly what you are hoping for. Therefore, it is prudent to do a thorough market research and settle for nothing but the best.

Chatbot and Bot: what are They?

A Bot is basically software that is specially created and designed to automate tasks that are usually done by people. Some of the tasks that can be performed by bots include:

  • Personal assistants
  • Fast-food servers
  • Customer service agents
  • Making reservations
  • Displaying information
  • Adding events on calendars
  • Social media management

On the other hand, an Artificial Intelligence Chatbot is a tool that allows you to leverage various technologies to come up with a bot that is in a position to stimulate chats or conversations and engage with people. It is an algorithm or a computer program that is designed in a special way to stimulate over the internet conversations with human users.

Back in April this year, Facebook availed the Messenger app to developers. This means that, developers can now perform some developments on Artificial Intelligence Chatbot. Within a few weeks, people started using Artificial Intelligence Chatbots on various platforms.

When it comes to business, an Artificial Intelligence agent can be a tool of great importance. It can help businesses do things faster by automating workflows such as acting as PA’s, taking orders from customers, answering FAQ’s and enquiries from customers as well as writing proposals.

Artificial Intelligence agent

For a business to benefit 100% from an Automated Chat Sales Associate, it will need to engage the services of a committed provider such as SILVIA. Unlike most other voice solutions you come across in today’s market, SILVIA can easily be deployed in secure and compact environments. In addition, it allows for business related transactions to be delivered seamlessly and in a secure manner. When it comes to deployment and development, SILVIA won’t let you down. It incorporates similar tools as the ones used in embedded and portable applications.

Some of the platforms to build bots include

  • Skype
  • Slack
  • WordPress
  • iMessage
  • Telegram
  • Kik

Artificial Intelligence

Human Intelligence

Computers are in a position to perform things requiring human intelligence including taking notes, speech recognition, making decisions, language translations, setting reminders and finding things for people just to mention but a few. Some practical examples include OK Google, Cortana and Siri on Android, Microsoft and Apple iPhone respectively.

All these are effective bots that have undergone some extreme advancement. They are bots that are in a position to emulate human capabilities. The major difference between a generic Artificial Intelligence Chatbot and artificial intelligence agent could be artificial intelligence agent’s ability to learn over time based on outcomes and responses.

If you are looking for portable and stellar user experiences, it is prudent to seek the services of a well-known service provider and SILVIA will give you just what you want. You will get high quality graphic tools for games, drag and drop scripts and prefabs and 3D avatars. Your virtual characters and environments will receive top-notch conversational AI.

Since its server is scalable, it provides an efficient system for multiple users’ conversational intelligence. Whether you are looking for secure networks, IVR or over the web applications, its domain and language independent solutions will provide you with a comprehensive path of flight that allows for rapid deployment and an engaging user experience.


SILVIA platform will provide you with the best in Artificial Intelligence, Bots and Chatbots. It has virtual worlds engaging characters and proactive conversational interactions like no other platform. Its voice output system now provides the best user experience.