SILVIA takes in human input through speech, written text, or other input methods. SILVIA can understand the context of that input and respond appropriately with speech and interacting with applications and operating systems on your behalf. SILVIA can also access file systems, networks, web content, and more. SILVIA operates in the context of a client application on desktops and mobile devices, or as part of our SILVIA Server, or even as a node in a peer-to-peer network, or part of the cloud.

Components of the SILVIA Technology

SILVIA Core: A high-performance runtime engine, configurable for client, server, or mobile / embedded

SILVIA Server: A configurable system for automated management of n SILVIA Cores on one or more networked servers

SILVIA Voice: A modular add-on component for accepting voice input and rendering voice output within a client application, a web page, or as part of SILVIA Server for optimized streaming media

SILVIA API: Allows programmers to create new applications and plug-in based functionality

SILVIA Studio: A graphical system for application-specific behavior development